Celebrate Your Love ! Valentine Style

Valentines Day

Way back when, those pesky Roman men had very strange ideas of romance.

There used to be a festival between February 13 and 15, every year, called Lupercalia. During that festival apparently, men could obtain a woman as a mate, by lottery. Honest, I am not making this up.

And, It seems that emperor Claudius II executed 2 men both named Valentine, on February 14, a year or so apart from each other.  During Lupercalia.

The Catholic Church took note, and commemorated the brutal event by canonizing St Valentine. The feast of St Valentine is February 14.

So, Now we have Valentine’s Day.

And thankfully, you dont get given away in a lottery, and you dont sacrifice your life for your faith.

What is contemporary tradition for Valentine’s Day, is charitable, endearing and romantic. Thank goodness!

Celebrate your passion and love. Express your truest sense of emotion, from your heart. Be creative and bold.

Make this Valentine’s Day a Lasting Memory.

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