Your Special Ring, made just for You.

Creating the right ring for you will take time.

No matter if you are looking for an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, a Mother’s ring, or a fashion ring, you will want to decide about the style, weight, type of metal, type of stones and very importantly, your budget.

So sit back, close your eyes, and use your minds eye to see the ring that you really want.

If you are able, make a rough sketch of your ideas. a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

But not everyone can visualize well, especially in 3 dimensions. So if you discover that you do better looking at photos, as opposed to sketching your own design, no problem. Look around for designs that appeal to you to get an idea of what you would like in a ring design.

Michael has many designs at his store in Gig Harbor for you to look at as well.

Most often, clients come in to talk about a piece of jewelry that they would like to have made, and sure enough, Michael has an example that is just what the client was dreaming about. Michael creates a laid back, engaging space for you to talk about what you want, with no pressure. Its more like chatting with a friend about an exciting project.

Once you have decided on a custom ring, its Michael’s job to make it come to life.

He will carve the design by hand, make castings in silver to make sure the design is flawless, then cast the design in the metal of your choice after making appropriate revisions. The gemstones for your ring are sourced from gemologists with whom Michael has relationships that go back 3 decades. He is happy to discuss gemstone quality and sources with you, so that you make the right choice for you and your ring. Diamond and gem setting for some mountings must be done with great care and precision, to avoid subsequent damage to the gemstones. Michael works only with trusted and expert gem setters with whom he has longstanding relationships in order to ensure that your ring is flawless.

Since you will want your ring to last your lifetime, and into the future as an heirloom for your loved ones, Michael takes his time crafting your ring. He makes one at a time, and considers it artistry. So please expect each piece to take several weeks to complete.

Consider talking to Michael when it comes to your jewelry purchases. Your satisfied smile is his goal.

Stunning mens diamond ring

men’s Diamond ring

Simple and elegant mens diamond wedding bands with stone inlay

Men’s Diamond Ring with stone inlay