The Serene Aquamarine, March Birthstone


As blue as a summer sky. They are sparkling reminders of the approach of Spring and Summer, so they are the perfect gemstone for the month of March.

These gemstones can be quite large some of them weighing hundreds of pounds! They are actually the mineral Beryl. Beryl is available in several colors actually.

Many gemstones are purported to offer protection from harm to the wearer. Aquamarines are believed by some, to protect one during a sea voyage, or to provide an antidote to a poisoning, or to make peace between enemies. It has been touted as a cure for infections, to bring the wearer peace and tranquility, and to bring victory in battle. Quite a tall order for a little stone!

But regardless of your motivation for wearing Aquamarine, Michael has beautiful specimens to add to your collection of fine jewelry. Call Michael to talk about your project!

Aqumarine Ring with Peridot
Birthstone Ring, Aquamarine with Peridot in solid gold