The color purple, Amethyst is February’s Gem

February is a very special month.

Amethyst Geod

Anyone born in february will tell you that. Although it is the shortest month, there is a very special gemstone associated with it.

Dating back 2000 years, the purple quartz known as amethyst has adorned royalty and common folk alike. This gem is purported to protect the wearer from the influence of the Greek god Bacchus that would lead one to excesses, including intoxication or drunkeness! This beautiful stone was commonly used to decorate royalty and religious officials, denoting their stature. Indeed, the color purple is often associated with politically or socially powerful persons. And, Budhists used amethysts in strands as prayer beads. What a great idea!

Amethysts used to be as expensive as other rare gems, but with discovery of large amethyst mines around the world, the stone is more readily available, at lesser prices. This makes it a real value and broadens its appeal. They are available as well as geodes weighing hundreds of pounds!

Michael is happy to design a special piece with Amethysts, just for you.