Red, green or otherwise, it’s the garnet for January

Many gemstones are reported to bring good fortune wealth and health to its wearer.

January babies then should be delighted to know that their birthstone, the GARNET, is celebrated for bringing wealth, peace and health to its wearer.

Does that make you want to run right out and buy one? Well if so, you are in luck! Garnets are popular and readily available, and are sourced around the world, from Wyoming to Sri Lanka.

These fabulous stones have been used for a variety of purposes, not always just ornamental, going back to the Early Egyptian civilization. As talismans they protected warriors entering battle, and protected the dead as they entered the afterlife.

They are extremely durable, luminous, and exciting.

Although GARNETS come in a rainbow of colors, the name itself refers to the pomegranate seed red coloration of the red version of the gem.

Here is a simple ring that Michael made using a red Garnet set in silver. The setting is an organic swirl of silver with the Garnet sitting prominently above.

Red Garnet Ring