November Gemstones are warm and soothing

November is Upon Us

Are you a November baby? Is a close friend or family member celebrating a birthday in November? There is a very special gemstone for the children of November.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz

Topaz in its pure form is completely colorless. When mineral impurities are present in the stone, then rich, soothing, brilliant, or fiery colors emerge. The colors of Topaz typically range from brownish orange to yellow. Throughout time, all yellow gemstones were considered to be Topaz.

But Citrine also is a yellow gemstone, and by the way, is also a November Birthstone.

In the Ancient and mysterious Red Sea, there is an island from which Topaz was presumed to have its origins. St John’s Island, or Topazios as it was originally named, was home to yellow gemstones that were celebrated as Topaz. Actually they were likely Chrysolite or Peridot or Citrine or another quartz. But no matter.

Above in the photo, you will see pictured an Imperial topaz, with its vibrant orange hue and subtle pink coloration. Michael has one of these in his collection. Maybe you will be the lucky one to receive it?

Blue topaz is very popular, and you will likely be very familiar with its appearance. But, did you know, that most blue Topaz is the product of an irradiation process? They occur very rarely naturally! AND, it is reputed to be soothing and to be a treatment for mental and emotional anguish. Luckily you can obtain one prior to the November elections.

Topaz is mined all over the world, in South East Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. It is a very hard stone, third in line after diamonds and then Moissanite. It is however very brittle, and can easily crack or chip and must be cut with precision.


Quartz, citrine oval