Go Green. Emerald is the gemstone for May.

Emeralds are one of the most prized gemstones.

Some people think that the Emerald is the symbol of wealth, and exclusivity.

It is reported to be the rarest of the rare gemstones. Dating back to ancient Egypt, Emeralds were prized for their ability to ensure the safety of the bearer, so that wealthy persons were buried with emeralds. Some also think that Emeralds herald new beginnings, harmony and peace, and tranquility. Can these gems really protect you as in your travels, relationships, and adventures?

Emeralds were a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor, and she loved Bulgari pieces. Richard Burton said, her favorite word in Italian, was Bulgari. No one can make Emeralds look as good as Ms Taylor. Well, except for you of course!


Elizabeth Taylor Emerald Necklace

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