December’s Gemstones –  As Blue as the Nile

Deep Rich Lustrous Hues

That is what you get from December’s Birthstones. Brilliant glistening blues. It is the perfect time of year, for bringing brilliant blue into your life again. After all, living in the Pacific Northwest, you will more likely see gray days than clear blue skies. So bring back the blue into your days by wearing your december gems every day this winter.


Cut Tanzanite gemstone

A very popular gemstone, is relatively inexpensive compared to other gemstones. Zoisite, its gemological name, was indentified in the 1800’s but was popularized in 1968 when Tiffany and CO promoted it vigorously. Its name Tanzanite reflects its origin, Tanzania. There are few sources of Tanzanite, all of which apparently are in Tanzania near Mt Kilimanjaro. This is where the brilliant blue zoisite is found. Mining production there is owned and regulated by the Tanzanian government.

The largest tanzanite every found was announced in 2016. It was 12000 carats.

Large Tanzanite



While not dazzling us with a deep dark blue hue, turquoise certainly impresses us with its beauty. Robins egg blue is its typical color, granting subdued elegance to many pieces of fine jewelry. But it can have a greenish hue, and will fade in time if exposed to sunlight. Originally used as adornment in the Middle East, this stone was mined in many parts of the globe and so is known by many different names, the translations of which include Joy , Turkish Stone and Victory. It was considered to have protective powers and was used in battle to protect the living and in tombs to protect the dead. Native American jewelry from the South Western United States is more recent compared to Persian, Indian and Egyptian jewelry use, as it dates back to the 1800’s. So you can appreciate the global appeal that turquoise commands.



Zircon, while not always blue, can rival a diamond’s brilliant presence, with the blue version of the gem a very popular choice. This gem also comes as a colorless stone called the Maturo Diamond, which while very brilliant is more brittle than a diamond. Most of these gems are heat treated to stabilize color and sometimes even also to stabilize a small amount of radioactivity! This is a very popular choice with jewelry collectors as it can be quite dazzling. This gem comes in a wide range of colors and can be cut to many shapes to fit your taste.
This year, make your December gift giving sparkle when you warm their hearts with these special gems.