Ruby, The Gem of the Heart, July’s birthstone

Rubies have been a prized gemstone for thousands of years.

They are mentioned in Sanskrit texts, the Bible, Hindu teachings as well as other ancient texts, and are steeped in lore and mysticism. Rubies have been imagined to grant the bearer immortality, success in war and love, wisdom, the power of emperors, a peaceful existence and special status in the afterlife . Quite a feat for a mineral that is dug from the dirt! It is small wonder that they are so sought after.

Ruby has a deep lustrous sanguine color, that reminds one of the great passions: Lust, Anger, Fury and Romantic Love. It is the July birthstone, considered to be the King of the Jewels, and the most desired of the 12 jewels created by God.

The stone itself is the corundum, which is colorless. The intoxicating red comes from the amount of chromium content in the corundum stone.

Mined in Myanmar, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Pakistan , Afghanistan, Thailand, Greenland , Nepal, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, rubies grow inside of marble, or basalt. When “hosted” in marble, the ruby has less iron and therefore greater fluorescence and brilliance. When they develop in basalt, they contain more iron and are darker, and not as bright. Rubies can have a coloration anywhere from orange to purple, and have the highest dollar value per carat weight of any precious gem. In 2015 a 25.5 carat ruby sold for $32.4 million. Wow.

Ruby Ring Diamond Pave

Ruby with Diamond pavee in white gold