Our Passion is Creating Jewelry as Unique as You

How often do you buy a piece of jewelry?

For some of us it is a yearly treat, a gift to ourselves. After all, you work hard, you appreciate art and beauty, and that affirmation of living should be enjoyed every day.

For others, jewelry is a special gift, to share with a family member and loved one now, or to create an heirloom, an inheritance. This is a very special thing, that can be shared with generations to come. These pieces often become cherished family treasures because of the act of giving. Their value grows in time because of the memories attached to them.

Many of our clients ask us to remodel their jewelry pieces

so that they can make a gift to their children and grandchildren. We know that these gifts have meaning that goes beyond the value of the jewelry itself, so Michael pays great attention to your wishes when he designs jewelry for you. His attention to detail remains paramount, his goal is the beaming gratitude of his clients.

Whether you are interested in a new, or remodeled piece of jewelry for yourself, or for the loved ones in your life, Michael’s passion is bringing your jewelry dreams to life.

A Happy Client wearing Michael’s Work