Oh no, my diamond is CHIPPED!

Diamonds are very hard stones.

You remember of course hearing that story that diamonds can cut through glass? And as the famous slogan puts it, diamonds are forever. So it might surprise you to notice that you have a damaged gemstone on your favorite piece of jewelry!

Sadly sometimes, and not infrequently, any gemstone can become chipped or damaged. After all the care you take with your fine jewelry, it’s very frustrating to discover that there is some damage. So what can you do about a damaged Gem?

Michael can help you with your damaged gems.

so come see Michael if that happens. Your damaged stones can be cut and polished, after which they can be reset in your existing jewelry with small modifications. If needed the original mountings can be remodeled to accommodate a change in the stone shape and to prevent further damage. It’s a good idea to have the stone and setting examined and talk about your options.

Michael is happy to assess your damaged but valued jewelry. Come talk to Michael about bringing that damaged piece back to life.

Granddad Michael fixed my ring!