Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation

Have you ever noticed that some diamonds are more brilliant than others?

How a diamond is cut, its clarity, and its color will determine its brilliance and sparkle.

GIA, the gemology institute of america, grades the cut quality for round diamonds only, and only since 2005. If you have an heirloom diamond passed down from your family, which happens very commonly, it likely will not have been assessed for cut quality.

If you are considering using an heirloom diamond for a new ring or other piece of jewelry, have Michael examine the diamond for its scintillation, fire and brilliance. It may be that having your heirloom diamond recut will increase its brilliance and fire.

Here is an example of an heirloom diamond, in an emerald cut, before and after it was recut.

The brilliance and fire of the same diamond after it was recut is amazing, and appeared to have literally 100’s of scintillations within the diamond. Even though the ring orientation is not exactly the same in each photo, the light angle was similar for both. The recut created a spectacular and exciting ring.

Fiery brilliance in a single diamond.

If you have family treasures that you would like to have remounted or remodeled, let Michael take a look at the diamond and talk with you about the possibilities. He is happy to talk with you about your fine jewelry projects.