Sapphires Sparkle in September

The Sapphire is the September Gem Stone , or birth stone.
The Sapphire is a brilliant and and resilient gemstone. It is composed of the mineral corundum, just like the Ruby.

Most people think of the color BLUE when Sapphires are mentioned. And although many sapphires are blue, sapphires also come in yellow, green, purple and orange. Pink sapphires are uncommon but are quite beautiful. Michael recently used a Pink Sapphire in a necklace, pictured above.
Each of the different Sapphire colors result from different minerals that are considered impurities. These trace minerals include iron, magnesium, chromium, titanium and copper.

Sapphires are really hard gem stones. The only harder Gem is the Diamond and Moissanite.
The blue sapphire has been used to represent loyalty, truth and faithfulness. It has been very commonly associated with royalty, perhaps due to its “True Blue” coloration, against which other stones are compared in assessing the depth and quality of their blue color. Perhaps this is from where the “Blue Blood” designation originates? Symbolizing all of those qualities, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a blue sapphire as her engagement ring. That is a romantic gesture fit for a fairy tale!

Logan Saphire

While most people think of the sapphire as a romantic gift, the gemstone has been used to enable mystical elements for the bearer. Lore regarding this lustrous stone includes bringing peace, heavenly attributes, and protection from harm to the wearer.
No matter your motivation for acquiring sapphire jewelry , its radiant sparkle is sure to please.

Pendant with pink saphire in diamond pave by Michael Nutter

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