Pearls. Bluejeans to Formal.

Do you remember when the best part of style was simple refinement?

In Jewelry, the singular image of that refinement, is an elegant Woman, wearing Pearls.

Pearls are Simple and Elegant.

Pearls are organic, and made by nature with a little help from  man.  Naturally occuring round pearls are rare,  so back in the 19th century a technique was developed to help mollusks make pearls.

When you see a strand of round lustrous beautiful pearls, Cultured Pearls are most likely what your are seeing. And, that is what is typically worn now, whether in a necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring. Cultured Pearls take a couple of years to grow, and are grown by a few species of mollusks.

There are a few types of Cultured Pearls:

Freshwater Pearls: The most accessible and affordable Pearls that you can wear. These should be your first thought when considering Pearl Jewelry. They are lustrous and beautiful, and are grown in China mostly these days. They can be had in Round or Rice Shapes. Fresh Water Pearls are also available in a number of colors including white, pink, orange and pastels, and black. Black pearls can be grown in a certain type of mollusk, the black lipped oyster, and are known as Tahitian Pearls. Freshwater pearls are not as large as cultured saltwater pearls, up to about 7 mm in diameter, but are a very good value when pricing your pearl purchase.

  • Saltwater Pearls – these are usually white or cream in color and round. They can be South Sea Pearls, or Tahitian Pearls which are black.

South Sea Pearls are grown in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These pearls are named for the region in which they are grown , the South Seas. Some of these pears can have a golden lustre, and can be some of the largest pearls that you will find. Up to 13 mm in diameter.

Akyoa Pears are reknowned for their lustre and roundness. They can have a golden lustre and have less surface blemishes and a thicker coating or nacre, which gives pearls their lustre. These are grown in Japan, and are very expensive.

A client brought me her Tahitian pearl necklace to restring, long sinuous black opulent forms.  what a pleasure it was to work with those smooth glistening shapes.  The result was pleasingly simple, and black pearls not too common.

Think about treating yourself or someone special in your life, to a graceful display of elegance.
The natural Pearl.

South sea Pearl with diamonds in yellow Gold by Michael Nutter
Pear EarRings
Pearl Earrings, the June Birthstone by Michael Nutter
Pearl Pendant
A single South Sea Pearl is embraced by wings of gold by Michael Nutter
Emerald Pendant
The pendant is an exceptional piece, with a large center emerald, surrounded by diamonds and a single ruby that sits in its crown on a strand of Pearls by Michael Nutter
South Sea Pearl Pin
South Sea Pearls adorn this 18 kt white gold pin with diamonds by Michael Nutter
Pearl Pendant
A single beautiful Pearl, set with diamonds by Michael Nutter

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