Earrings Make the Perfect Gift

Earrings are the perfect foil for a beautiful face.

What better way to show off your brilliant smile and sparkling eyes, than a pair of gemstone earrings set in solid gold.

In addition to standard earring styles, Michael also makes custom earring jackets. Earring jackets are a unique and easy way to complement your wardrobe with a variety of styles that you can change every day.

Whether your earring selection is a colored gemstone, or a diamond, Michael has a pair that is perfect for you!



Garnet Earrings, The January Birthstone
Tourmalene Earrings, The June Birthstone
Peridot Earrings, The August Birthstone
Peridot Earring in White Gold
Earrings made with your own birthstone, set in solid gold. Peridot gemstone shown in white gold
Pear EarRings
Pearl Earrings, the June Birthstone by Michael Nutter
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings, the April Birthstone by Michael Nutter
Diamond and Saphire earrings
Saphire Earrings, the September Birthstone by Michael Nutter

Symbolizing … youth, beauty, vigor and resilience! Choose your birthstone to create earrings in your own style.

Come see Michael today!

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