Be A Savvy Jewelry Shopper

We are pleased to help when you need jewelry repairs.

The following story is unfortunately common. And we are here to help.

Your fiancee surprised you with a Diamond Engagement ring, which was purchased at a local Big Box store, or online.

You were of course THRILLED, and now your Diamond Engagement ring is one year old.

You look down at your ring finger, and to your horror you see that the diamond is missing!

It may surprise you to know, that this happens often.

And it is very very frustrating.

With the advent of internet jewelry shopping, some Big Box stores selling jewelry, and jewelry being sourced from low quality jewelry makers, there is an unfortunate trend toward the sale and marketing of low quality jewelry. And, low quality does NOT always mean low COST!

Low quality jewelry has poorly made or poorly designed rings , clasps for bracelets and necklaces, and mountings for gemstones. Design and manufacturing deficiencies cause breakage due to normal wear and tear, much sooner than if the product is made with good quality design and craftmanship. Your valued jewelry should be of lasting quality.

So what should you look for when shopping for jewelry? Low quality rings are usually hollowed out on the inside of the ring, in order to decrease the amount of the gold or platinum used. Some rings are also made very very thin. When the ring does not have sufficient density of material, it becomes brittle, cracks, and breaks. Thin material is maleable and will not stand up to the stresses of normal wear and will fail.  Also, over time, you may need to have your ring sized! If the construction of the ring is thin or brittle, a simple resizing may become expensive if it needs to be corrected by using a laser.

Gemstones fall out of rings with hollowed cores more often than when set in a solid gold setting. Thin gemstone mounts and those with prongs are likely to fail, causing the gemstone to fall out. In addition, mass produced jewelry will not stand up to your daily routine due to the production process and poor quality control. You deserve jewelry that is high in quality materials and design.

The mounting for gemstones is critical for longevity. Michael designs mountings that will maintain the setting, and he inspects every setting and tests it for integrity.

Come to Michael Nutter Jeweler – Gig Harbor for the quality workmanship that you deserve. Whether for a new purchase or for a repair you wont be disappointed!

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